3fonteinen Platinum blend 82-18/19

3fonteinen Platinum blend 82-18/19

Platinum blend 41 - 18/19 (375 mL),依支 lambic 用左1, 2, 3 同4 年既 lambic blend 出泥,而且4 年既 lambic 含量最少係 25% ! 佢入面最舊既部分係 2014 年既釀造,可想而知依支 lambic 將會係幾咁複雜。手快有手慢冇呀!依枝咁傑出的一手買泥 age 或者同老友分享真係一流!
The Platinum blend 82 -18/19 (375 mL), which selects one, two, three and at least 25% four year old lambics brewed by 3 Fonteinen to blend a geuze. The oldest lambic in this Platinum Blend was brewed in February 2014 and was at the time of bottling thus 4,5 years old.

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