"Nice to meet you" Box Set (expected arrival date early Dec 2020)

"Nice to meet you" Box Set (expected arrival date early Dec 2020)

初次見面,無理由兩手Fing fing 既。我哋準備左人見人愛嘅”Nice to meet you” box set,內裡包含:

1 x.    HK Craft Beer Co. Glass(黑/白)
4 x 【山】/saan¹/ - American Pale Ale

【山】/saan¹/ - American Pale Ale
Abv. 5.0%
IBU: 17

山-是香港人的瑰寶,特別是此刻困境中,我們慶幸依然能享受山中的寧靜和新鮮空氣。「山」- 是我們首次推出的啤酒,其特別之處與山峰的命名和形態一樣,對我們有著特別的回憶和意義。先淺嚐一口,再慢慢地感受其鮮味。











Folks at home, folks at home, we showcase our “Nice to meet you” box set. It includes,

HK Craft Beer Co. Glass (Black or white pattern) x 1
【山】/saan¹/ - American Pale Ale (Can / 330 mL) x 4

Introduction of beer

【山】/saan¹/ - American Pale Ale
Abv. 5.0%
IBU: 17

Mountains are precious to Hong Kong people, especially at this difficult time. We enjoy the tranquility and fresh air there. The shapes and names of the mountains give them special meanings to us, just as special as our first released beer. Take a sip and taste its freshness.

Introduction of glass

Cheers !

Spending fifteen minutes to appreciate the remains and use another ten minutes for clearing up your broken glass, taking photos for it. Nah, don’t do it and add this tasting glass to your cart now.

This glass is specially designed for tasting beers, in which the printing emphasizes the four basic components in beers. This reminds us the thoughts of the brewers during tasting. Moreover, the glass includes the six basic steps for brewing and special words for Hong Kong people.

We love Hong Kong just like craft beers.

Made in Thailand and printed in Hong Kong.

We offer up to 20 % off discount for pre-orders until 30/11.

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