Beer Tap


What We Offer

Beer Tasting Workshop

We drink, we share ! The beer tasting workshop is the spirit of our value. We offer small to large group size tasting workshop with a selection of beers. The event will be guided by experienced beer judges. Just contact us for detail on group size or you have special request on the beers.

Beer catering

Sharing happiness with friends, colleagues or your love ones with craft beers. We are delighted to offer beer catering for events, such as private party, company retreat or wedding. In addition to the bottles or cans, we can also offer on-site draught beers for guests.

Team building

Never thought of building your team with craft beers ? Here it is. We offer team building workshops for groups. The event will be led by professional adventurous guides with beer tasting experience. We believe this special event can provide insight for future craft beer development.